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Neqxt ACT

A 3 weeks discovery program.

Discover your Follow-up study in just three steps!

follow up

You successfully finalised your study and you want to study further but you don’ t know what follow-up study to choose? Let’s discover your neqxt choice together!

At the end of the program you can apply with a certain feeling for the right follow-up study and prevent a wrong choice of study.

THE Package


Intake; getting to know each other

  • Focus on Self Awareness​

  • Focus on your talents​ & interest

  • Capacity Analysis


Discover top studies

  • Make a top 3 studies and research them

  • Finalize your choice

Recap & Evaluate


AFTER THE program

After a 3-week program, you have gained clarity about your next follow up study that suits your future career path. You can identify your strengths, skills, interests, and values and relate them to potential careers. By gaining the necessary information and tools, you can now make informed decisions about your educational and career paths.

You now have more insight about the job market, salary expectations, and educational requirements, that help you make better decisions about your next education and career paths.​ Overall, after working with NEQXT you are on the path to a successful career that aligns with your life mission and personal goals.

Practical information

  • Duration: 3 weeks

  • Online or face to face

  • 1 on 1 (private)

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